Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mr. Handyman

That's right, Mr. Fixit has strucken again. After all the do-it-yourself jobs I've done around the house (putting up crooked shelves (they weren't crooked when I bought them...I just made them that way), hanging things on the wall crookedly, etc.) I had one more chore I had to take on. I had to change the weather stripping on the door to our garage.

Only I wasn't sure it was called weatherstripping. So, I went to Lowe's...went to the door department and ambled around for a bit. Finally I asked a guy, and I described what I was looking for.

Brent: You know...that foamy stuff that goes between the door and the frame.
Guy: You mean a door stop?
Brent: I don't know.
Guy: Walks and show Brent a wooden doorstop.
Brent: No. It's more...um...foamy. Squishy. Like softer Silly Putty.
Guy: You mean weather stripping?
Brent: Yes! I guess.
Guy: So, I guess you're pretty handy.
Brent: walks away in shame

So, anyway, once that was done and the guy got done laughing at me, I got home and installed it. And now if I can just get the door back on the hinges, we're golden!

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Mom said...

You learned from the best!!