Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yashika the Spendthrift?

Now, as you all know, the Strike is putting a definite crimp in the shows I watch. So, now I've resorted to watching anything MTV puts on in hopes that it's good.

So, I've started watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. The whole episode, I basically hope for a sniper to pick off the 16-year old and the show to end. So far, it hasn't happened. Unfortunately.

However, something entertaining did happen when I was watching the episode with the infantile, snot nosed Yashika.

So, this moron is getting everything. EVERYTHING! Her dad is getting her a 100k Mercedes (because she said the 41k Mercedes was not expensive enough, and the mirror to look at herself was too small), she's getting dresses, she's getting coats. Basically, I bet the party (including the car) costs over 250k.

So where does she get her make-up done?

That's right...THE FREE COUNTER AT THE MALL!! After spending 250k, she must have decided,

"Whoah...don't want to go overboard here. This is getting kinda out of control. Don't they have people at Macy's that put your make-up on for free?"

I think it's nice that she learned that money doesn't grow on trees and it pays to be thrifty. Good job Yashika. Good job.

Where's that sniper?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Like you belong in Grease...

Alison: Hey Brent.
Brent: Yeah?
Alison: You look kind of bad ass right now.
Brent: smiles and gets his hopes up
Alison: Yeah, like you belong in Grease or something.
Brent: shoulders slump in defeatedness

No matter what anyone says, we all know that no one in Grease looked bad ass. Kinda queer, maybe, but not bad ass. Might as well have said I look kinda like Chingy...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To the moron down the street...

So, I went to my mail box yesterday and what do I find inside? This (which has been edited to protect the dumb):

Good idea buddy...advertise to see if someone wants to be your roommate...TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ALREADY LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND ARE PAYING A MORTGAGE!!

Maybe you can send some Eskimos a flyer and see if they want to buy any ice while you're at it...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Johnny Knockers

Anyway, I'm sure you're all enjoying the Gauntlet III, which is my favorite show on TV. Last night, I had to pause it while watching it to make Alison guess who I think the top 5 competitor's in RR/RW Challenge history are (by the way, she got 4 of the 5 and her 5th guess was someone I would have at #6).

But that's not why I write. I'm not writing about the new lesbian Brooke. I'm not writing that Danny is on HGH, though he is because you can see his extended stomach where his organs have expanded (though I'm not a doctor, I've seen the same thing on Ronnie Coleman).

No, what I wanted to write about was something you may not have noticed...Frank has grown the biggest set of Man Knocker's in the history of the world!

Seriously...those things are huge! That is not a bra-less woman right there! That is the d-bag Frank! Creepy I noticed this? Yes. But are you happy that I made myself seem a bit queer for your benefit? I think so...


1. Alton
2. Wes
3. CT
4. Abram
5. Miz

And Derek just missed the cut...

Friday, January 25, 2008


So, anyway, everyone knows the old saying,

"I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you."

Well...I was putting my pants on today and I decided to try to put them on two legs at the same time.

Let me tell you, it's really not all it's cracked up o be. First, I hopped both feet into the pant. Then, I kept jumping and pulling on the pants, trying to get hem on After about 15 seconds, they were finally on.

Then, I got to thinking, that sucked. Why did I do that? Who was I trying to impress? Does anyone really care how you put your pants on? No. They don't. So, I just strained myself and wasted time that I could have been playing with Lego's trying to fancily put on my pants.

Eh...I probably would have just wasted that time anyway...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Life of Ryan...


When I watch...

The Life of Ryan....

On MTV...

I almost...

Fall asleep....


He talks...

For a sentence...

Then he pauses...

Like he forgot...

What he wanted...

To say...

And he has...

To think about...

What he wants...

To say next...

And he sounds...

Like a broken...

Terminator cyborg...

And he does it...

The whole show...

And before you know it...

The show is over...

And you forgot...

To change the channel...

Man, I wish...

The writer's strike...

Would end...


True Life

So, I'm watching MTV's "True Life" series last night. You know, it follows some people around who think they're pretty sweet and then we watch them and feel bad for them because they're not quite as sweet as they think we are.

And then, sometimes they do something that makes us cringe. Like last night.

So, this one chick is the director of a play and she has a crush on the guy she tabbed to be the leading man. He is giving her all the signs that he's not interested, but she is not taking the hint. Even her friends are no help, such as this advice she was given,

"Do you want to be a few years from now, hey, that would have been kind of cool just have asked" But anyhoo, this caused her to ask him out. Here's how it happened. She asked him to walk to play practice with her...

Director Chick: The reason I wanted you to walk with me today is because, I don't know how to put this exactly, but I kinda like you. I was wondering if you wanted to go get dinner or hang out sometime or something.
Patrick: casts a sideways glance at the camera, realizes if he says anything but yes, he's going to look like a complete a-hole on TV
Patrick: shrugs his shoulders
Patrick: Sure.
Director Chick: Really?
Patrick: Why not?
Director Chick: Okay. It sounds like fun then.
Patrick: can't believe she did that on TV and keeps shaking his head and turning red

So far, this is the pivotal point of TV in 2008. Thank you MTV.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Big in Europe

Now, as anyone who knows me understands, I have an extensive sweet t-shirt collection. Sure...they may barely fit a toddler, but they're still funny.

So, I'm in Target a little bit ago, wearing my red t-shirt that says:


and I'm heading up to the cash register to check out with my funions and Diet Mountain Dew. And, I get the Weird Register Guy (WRG), who kind of smells like burnt Emilio Estevez; you can imagine how awful that smells. Anyway, here's the conversation that follows.

Brent: puts items on conveyor
WRG: No you're not.
Brent: Huh?
WRG: You're not big in Europe.
Brent: shirt. Riiiiight. Just scan my items.
WRG: starts scanning items
WRG: Ohhh....I get it.
Brent: Huh?
WRG: The shirt is big in Europe because they wear smaller sizes.
Brent: Can I leave now?

I don't know if it's true that they wear smaller sizes in Europe, but that man's stench was overpowering...

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Reverse...

I don't really care for elections. I typically don't want to vote for either of the presidential candidates (and that's really what I consider the only election...state senate doesn't count...sorry LeRoy A. Stumpf) so I normally end up just picking the least objectionable candidate.

But what I would rather do is cast a negative vote against the person I dislike more. An example is, say I hate Hillary Clinton (I hate Hillary Clinton!) and she's running for President against D.A. Arthur Branch. Now, at the moment, I'd be inclined to vote for D.A. Arthur Branch, but it would make me feel better if I could use my vote to negate a vote that some moron cast for Hillary Clinton.

I know it's the same principle at work here, but it makes me feel like I'm making a difference; I'm using my power to actively vote against pure evil, instead of using my power to vote for moderately good.

I suppose it would kind of give you the same feeling that Jeff Gillooly had when he tried to rid the ice skating community of Nancy Kerrigan. Except my negative vote would actually work and not make Ms. Clinton more famous than she deserves to be...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Titan is an A-Bag...

So, as we already know, you're all watching the new American Gladiators. While some of you might think there's a little too much talky-talky and not enough Human Cannonball (and you'd be right), it's still a fine program.

Except for Titan. That man is an idiot. Surprise, surprise. is good.

So, I was watching the latest episode and this moron tears his ACL playing Powerball. Of course, he can't move and is basically just laying there. And Titan comes walking over, saying:

"This man here is a warrior! Let's give it up for him! This man is a warrior"

Right...this man is a weekend warrior who forgot that he's not 18 anymore and his body rejected his advances. Fantastic. If this man were a true warrior, he might look a little something like this:

Instead of like this:

Then, Titan comes up with this other great one, while standing next to the ACL dude:

"This is why I do it."

Why? Because people get hurt? Or because they pay you? I think it's the latter, as I bet you rarely strap on your unitard and head on down to the park to do battle with the homeless. Well...maybe Titan does...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Germs of Love...2

So, Alison and I are watching Rock of Love 2, trying to figure out if anyone else will figure out that Megan is the same Megan from Beauty and the Geek 3, when she said something so profound, so astounding, it has to be repeated..right here...right now...

"If she cares about germs, she obviously isn't here for Bret."'s true.

Other words that can be used to replace gems in the previous sentence include:

Toe jam
Hamburger University

Really...that house is like a petri dish in a germ warfare lab...


Monday, January 14, 2008

Bag O' Coupons

OK, so Alison and I are at Hell last night (and, as you all know, Hell is Target when there are 14 million people at night and only 6 registers open) and we're getting ready to check out.

Like a good Boy Scout, I run down the line of registers, looking for the line that is shortest to get me out of this place and in front of my TV ASAP.

So, I stumble upon a line where the woman is just paying, but I notice that it's a moron I saw in the store earlier. She was walking around, talking on her cell phone in Russian or German and laughing like Kendra; I knew she was an idiot just from that. I'm going to call her "Idiot Russian or German Butt Lady" (or IRoGBL for short) for this story.

But her conveyor belt was clear, so there's no way she could mess this up. Plus, all the other lines had people backed up. So, I started to unload our stuff; little did I know, this woman had coupons. Good times.

Now, I have nothing against coupons. I'm as cheap as Willie Aames, so I like to use them too. But, like a normal human being who is not a giant dink, I have my coupons ready to be scanned so I don't hold up society.

Here's how this woman's process went:

Cashier: Do you have any coupons?
IRoGBL: Well, let me see.
IRoGBL: Reaches into a huge Bed, Bath & Beyond bag and pulls out about 45 coupons
Cashier: Looks at her in amazement
IRoGBL: I have this one, and this one, and this one.
Cashier: Scans the coupons in
Cashier: Um, ma'am, you didn't buy this product.
IRoGBL: Yes I did. You already put it in the bag.
Brent: Looks over her shoulder, sees it's a coupon for Cheerios from Cub
Cashier: Um, all right. Whatever.
IRoGBL: I know I have more coupons.
IRoGBL: Reaches back into the bag and pulls out 75 more coupons
IRoGBL: Here. I have this.
Cashier: Looks at the coupon
Cashier: Um, ma'am, I don't even think they make NO FEAR T-Shirts anymore.
IRoGBL: It's okay, just take the coupon off.
Cashier: Fine. Whatever. I don't care.
Cashier: Okay, your total is $74.52.
IRoGBL: $74.52? Okay, now let me get my checkbook out. What store am I at again?
Brent: starts taking his stuff off the conveyor belt and putting it back in the cart to try another line

I hate people...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Biaggi's Nightmare...

So, Alison, Devo, Kati and I went to Biaggi's for dinner on Saturday night. And, since Maple Grove is the busiest place west of Cleveland, nowhere had any reservations available after 3 pm, so we decided to head up there and see if they could squeeze us in somewhere, sometime.

So, we arrive about 5 pm and they say we'd get a table about 6 pm. Okay, that's fine. We can wait an hour. That's not that long. Unless you're starving, which we were. Ar least they have free bread when you sit down for dinner. Or do they?

Anyhoo, 6:15 rolls around and I go up there an ask if there's a chance we'll be sat soon. Of course, he says it will just be a couple minutes.

So, 6:45 rolls around and our little futuristic pager coaster finally buzzes. Devo is sitting in the corner, gnawing on his hand, so we're lucky we got called. I think he was about 8 minutes from having a hook.

So, we go and sit down and our waiter, Jake, comes over and gets our drink order. He casually mentions that bread and water are on the way (you in prison).

What he didn't casually mention is that all the other tables around us would get their bread first, or refills of bread, or platinum watches and whatever else they were giving people that weren't us.

So, he comes back with our drinks, after about 15 minutes because the bar was "packed", and he's surprised we don't have any bread or water. We're surprised too and I'd actually started to eat the "biaggi butter" (which is perhaps the worst name in the world) with a spoon.

Finally, after he takes our order, the bread arrives and we go through 3 baskets in a matter of seconds. It seems Jake knew he messed up, so he must have rushed our food, because it was out in what seemed like minutes.

Unfortunately, Alison got her wrong meal. So, eventually, she got her food and we're finally done with this travesty. And the bill comes, which was nicely comped for all the hassle and mistakes...

and by nicely comped, I mean that he charged us full price and didn't even offer us a free dessert. I hope he enjoys his 18% tip...that'll show him...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

American Gladiators...

So, I'm sure you all are watching the new American Gladiators on NBC, so I won't go on about how awesome it is. Though I do wonder if you need to go to some sort of academy to be a ref on it. I mean, you have to ask both the contender and the Gladiator if they're ready, before you blow your whistle.

But that's not why I'm writing. What I wanted to write about is how they come up with their names. I mean, there are all sorts of tough names; from Zap to Titan to Justice to Wolf.

So, I'm watching the Gauntlet, and they're introducing the Gladiators.

First, it's Venom ( a snake...deadly)
Second, it's Stealth (sweet...undetectable...drops bombs...great)
Third, it's Siren ( the police are coming...well played)
Finally, it's Helga (you a 1920's Scandinavian milk maid)

Helga? HELGA? Really...that's the name you came up with for your fierce character? What, were Joni and Kara already taken?
It's like back in 1980's WWF, when the good guys would never wrestle the other good guys, so you always go something like this:

"And now, entering the ring. The one, the only.,..HULK HOGAN!!! And his opponent, already in the ring, the very capable Kenny..."


McDonald's: The New Hang Out?

So, I'm reading an MSN article on McDonald's and how they're trying to establish it as a coffee place where people will go and hang out. Here's the part that unnerved me:

It's all part of a company strategy to turn McDonald's from a grab-and-go fast-food chain into an order-and-stay restaurant where customers can surf the Internet and linger over coffee.

Linger? Order and stay? When you're in a McDonald's, the best thing about the place is getting out of that depressing, life-sucking vacuum and moving to a place where you don't feel like your face wants to die with each hellish breath.

Seriously, do I want to stay with a bunch of crying kids, complaining because they didn't get the "good" toy in their Happy Meal, while their mom is on the cell phone, yelling at their dad because the kids are crying, all the while, some hippo in a Phish tank top is pounding down his 8th Big Mac of the day and pulling a stare and creep at the crying kids?

Yeah, that's the place I want to "linger" at? Christ...while they're at it, they may want to go to the Potalet cmpany and suggest they put Yankee Candles in every Porta-potty, so people might dillydally in there and soak up the ambiance...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Thanks genius...

Brent: So, I'm thinking of going to the Bahamas this winter.
Moron: Oh, I've been there.
Brent: Great! Did you like it?
Moron: Yeah, it was fantastic. Where are you thinking of staying?
Brent: Oh, I'm just looking right now. Is there anywhere you suggest?
Moron: Well, I stayed at the Ritz. It's pretty nice.
Brent: Oh, really? The Ritz is pretty nice? And what do you suggest I eat while I'm down there? I hear food is pretty good. And I'm also looking to breathe. Should I use oxygen?? Idiot...

Lovely folk round them parts...

Vance: I'm getting excited for Devo's wedding weekend.
Brent: Yeah, it should be a good time.
Vance: Think of all the townies we'll see that weekend at the tables!!!
Brent: Yeah, should be plenty of "interesting" people there.
Vance: Although we'll smell like ass from all of the smoke.
Brent: Can you still smoke in there? What is it; West Virginia? I kid...I kid...West Virginia is a lovely MARRY YOUR SISTER!

Take THAT West Virginia!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Diet Coke?

Waitress: What can I get you to drink?
Annoying Woman: you have Diet Coke?
Waitress: Diet Pepsi okay?
Annoying Woman: Hmmmmmm...
Waitress: (stares at woman while she's deciding)
Waitress: (still staring)
Annoying Woman: Okay! I'll do it.
Waitress: (turns back and starts walking away)
Annoying Woman: (laughingly to the back of the Waitress) It's not my favorite though.
Waitress: (ignores Annoying Woman)
Brent: (slams head on table until blood oozes out and fills up a glass and then he dumps it on Annoying Woman's face)
Waitress: (applauds Brent's ingenuity)
Annoying Woman: Blood isn't my favorite either... I miss waiting tables. I'm sure that Annoying Woman was an excellent tipper too...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The weathered man...

Now, if you know Devo, you know that he's a big guy. Bigger-than-his-coaches-when-he-was-twelve big. Here's something you might not know; a few years ago, when Devo was lifting in the weight room at the University of Minnesota, he started talking to some dude. The guy eventually asked how old Devo was and Devo said he was 26. The guy said, " look really weathered."

Now, we don't really know what that means, but it obviously didn't sit too well. I mean, who wants to be called weathered?

So, I'm perusing yesterday and I see that they're searching for a "weathered" man in Georgia in connection with the missing hiker. So, of course, I have to send Devo the following e-mail:

Moronic passenger...

So, Alison and I are flying down to Arizona. We're sitting in the airport, minding our own business (and by minding our own business, I mean we're eavesdropping on conversations to stifle the suffocating boredom of waiting for a plane) when I overhear a conversation that, in my mind, is immensely moronic.

This girl, I'll call her Moronic Girl (MG), was talking to some friend on the phone (Cell Phone Friend aka CPF), who I have to assume was mean and sarcastic. So, I only actually heard what MG was saying, and everything that CPF says is what I am guessing she said. It went something like this:

MG: Yeah, I'm just sitting here, waiting for my plane.
CPF: You are soooooo stupid. By the way, 1985 called and it wants its pink tights back.
MG: So, like anyway, I'm in row 42. Is that near the back of the plane?
CPF: My God, could you be any dumber? Seriously, if stupid were people, you'd be China.
MG: Doesn't even matter if I'm in the back, because they always put the cool people in the back of the airplane.
CPF: Yep, that's what I heard too. They put the cool people in the back of the plane. Amazingly enough, Northwest Airlines has created a formula to figure out how cool you are when you buy your tickets. I'm sure you'll be back there with Kenny G, Miles Davis, Willie Aames and Joey McIntyre. Idiot.
MG: Where is Arizona anyway?
CPF: I'm hanging up now, because that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. That is so stupid, it makes my fingernails hurt. If I could jump through this phone right now and poke your eyes out with the antenna, I would.

Hmmmm....I like the way this Cell Phone Friend thinks and talks and I might want to subscribe to her newsletter....