Friday, January 22, 2010


So, I was at Target, getting assorted goods. I was in the express lane, so I had less than 10 items (because I'm not a d-bag and sneak in there with 15-20 items like some losers do), but it was enough to fit it all in one bag.

But they weren't all the same thing. I think there was some Windex and some ground beef. Also, a cat toy, or something like that (why don't I go look what was actually there...because then I'd have to move off my duff and that is not happening).

I go through the line and the woman back there starts bagging the items. And she puts them all in the same bag. Which is fine...I don't care.

But as she hands me the bag, she says, "Is one bag okay for all that?"

Kind of late on the quick there, huh? You wouldn't want to ask that before bagging the items, now would you??

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