Monday, January 11, 2010


So, Alison and I were talking last night and the following took place:

Brent: I feel like such an old man. My body aches all the time.
Alison: That's because you don't take care of it.
Brent: Huh?
Alison: You do all that heavy lifting. You need to do something more for agility. You need to do something like Yoga.
Brent: (thinks for a minute)
Brent: You can put that Yoga back in the fridge!
Alison: (looks at Brent like he has mental issues)

And then I laughed for about 5 minutes at my lame joke and said how cool it would be to have that on a t-shirt. Then Alison hit me where I got my shot...and then the laughing stopped.

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