Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why is Wednesday special?

So, I'm at Diamonds a week ago for the softball tournament. I was looking at their weekly drink specials and noticed something strange:

MONDAYS - $1.00 22oz Domestic Taps
TUESDAY - 2 FOR 1 All Drinks (up to $4.50) & Domestic Tap Beer
WEDNESDAY - Wet Panty Wednesday's
THURSDAYS- Ladies Drink FREE Tap Beer & Drinks (up to $4.50)
FRIDAYS- 2 FOR 1 All Drinks (up to $4.50) & Domestic Tap Beer
SATURDAYS - ALL Drinks 1/2 Price
SUNDAYS - $2.00 Bloody Mary's

What in the world is the deal with Wednesdays? Seriously! No other day has a special name. And why would they call it that? You know that's just going to bring out the creepsters. I think their new management has some learning to do...

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