Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol...

We were watching American Idol last night and I was watching some tool perform and I got to thinking what I would do if I were on American Idol.

Obviously, I would sing something by Senor Droolcup, possibly Boob Shirt or Jennifer's a Tease, but that doesn't matter, since I'm a terrible singer.

I'm more about performance (like Anoop). And, the key to my performance would be...SLAP BRACELETS!

That's right, I'd bring them back. I'd where a zebra colored one on one wrist and a camouflage one on the other wrist and I'd alternate slapping them onto my forearms throughout the performance.

I believe that America would be so mesmerized by them, they would vote for me, just because they remember using them as a kid (and not putting them in the microwave...because that's just not smart).

I hope someone takes my hint...don't be like Scott MacIntyre and completely ignore me...

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