Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday night!

Here's an e-mail Dan sent me yesterday in regards to our tourney today.

Hey, what are the plans for tomorrow? Should we meet at your house and then head over to the field? I am planning on staying at your place on Friday night. What's your address? What's your favorite color? What was your first pets name?

And my response:

Yeah, that sounds good. Feel free to come over whenever. Alison is taking off for Illinois to move her sister back sometime in the afternoon, so I'll just be sitting here.
7420 Oak Park Village Drive

St. Louis Park, MN 55478
United States
Milky Way

White (the absence of color)

Fred (he was a newt, named after Fred Flinstone. I later got Barney, named after Barney...Fife, not Rubble, from Andy Griffith. When I got them, my brother got a dead turtle. I forget his name. The turtle...not my brother. His name is Eric. Nelson.

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