Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Forgotten

So, Alison and I have been watching The Forgotten with Christian Slater. It's okay...whatever. It's pretty similar to Cold Case, you know, back when Cold Case wasn't terrible.

It's not about cops, and that's where we get the rub. These people are volunteers at The Forgotten Network, where they use their spare time to help the police identify individuals who have been Jane or John Does for an extended period of time.

Which is all well and good. Who am I to tell anyone how to use their time?

But it's awkward when they go up to an individual and start asking them questions. When the person inevitably asks if they're cops, they say no, they're with The Forgotten Network...and the person will act like they know what in the world that is.

If that happened to me, it would be more like this:

Christian Slater: So, you knew this guy?
Brent: Are you a cop or something?
Christian Slater: No, I'm not a cop. I'm with The Forgotten Network.
Brent: The who?
Christian Slater: No, not The Who. We're not a band. We're a group of people who help out the police in our spare time. It's called The Forgotten Network.
Brent: Do you have any authority?
Christian Slater: I have the authority to ask if you know this guy.
Brent: But I don't have to answer, right?
Christian Slater: Well, right. But it would really help out if you did.
Brent: Help The Forgotten Network?
Christian Slater: Yes.
Brent: Sorry, I don't believe that's a thing. Do you have a badge?
Christian Slater: No.
Brent: Sorry, not going to answer. Tell Dr. Venkman I said hi though.
Christian Slater: Man, we're The Forgotten Network...not Ghostbusters!

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