Thursday, October 15, 2009

The RU/|\NS

Yes, you read it right...this is about the Ruins on MTV...the latest installment of the RW/RR Challenge and, as always, my favorite TV show.

Now, before, I listed my top 5 competitors ever, so today, I thought I'd say who the top 3 on the ruins who I would least like to face in a challenge and the three I would most like to face:

Top 3 I don't want to face:
1) Wes - Duh...he's the best challenge guy ever. In my previous list, he was #2, but in this what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, Alton has dropped behind Wes. I have no doubt Wes would destroy me.
2) Derrick - This kid (and I use the term loosely) is always good and he's very scrappy. He might be small, but man...he's good.
3) Evan - He's got me by about 80 pounds. The only way I want to face Evan is if we're having a spelling, adding or making complete sentences contest. thanks.

Top 3 I want to face:
1) Adam - Come on.
2) Danny - This kid is the biggest p**sy in the world (that's for pansy...did you think it was something else?). Way too overconfident and he's not done 1 thing to ever impress.
3) Syrus - Unless the contest is who has the darkest skin, I think I could take him...

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Will said...

Eve is most definitely on my "Top 3 Guys I don't want to face" list