Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange plaque...

So, I was over at Alison's parents house and I was leafing through the Signals catalog, when I saw the plaque on the right.

Now, all the underlining in red was done by me, to easily point out what I'm talking about.

As you can see, it's a bunch of things, saying that you are blank to my blank, meaning you complete the first blank with whatever the second blank is. Nice. Simple. Whatever. Not something I would buy (because I already have 3! Psych. Bringing it back. Ignore me. Forget these last sentences).

So, anyway, all of them say, blank TO my blank. All of them. Except the last one. It says the blank ON my blank. Why? WHY?

Did they get to the end and forgot what they'd said on all the other ones? Seriously, you get that far on that tacky knickknack and then you mess it up at the end? Seriously, the one old cat lady who buys this thing is going to be PO'd when she realizing what they've done!

Does anyone have a good explanation for this? It astounded me. And, not surprisingly, Alison and her mom both thought I was an idiot with too much time on my hands to even bring it up. And they are for sure at least a quarter right.

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