Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, Sikes sends me an e-mail about the AdSense ad I had. I clicked on it to see what he was talking about.

Now, a couple of things strike me as odd with this ad (that they're driving people towards). They both involve the same item, since I couldn't get past there. This is the item (or the "before" picture):

1) I went to save the picture and the name of the picture that they had it saved as is "Faty". That's awesome. I mean, it would have been cooler had they spelled Fatty correctly, but it's nice that they label the picture with what they believe it represents: a large chick who can't spell or Al Gore.

2) Don't act like you don't save your old shoe laces to tie your jeans together when they don't quite fit anymore. You're not fooling anyone liar...

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