Friday, November 14, 2008

No pictures...

If you've come to my blog expecting a daily picture that I make fun of, well, today, you've come to the wrong place. I have no picture. Alas, I have no gripe either. Pretty much, I'm like the Bengals; I got nothin'.

So, in my quest to sell all my old CD's (which is going quite well), I had my first one returned the other day. Which isn't that strange; idiots can give wrong addresses, etc.

However, this one was stamped "Contraband". Which is strange, since it was just a CD. However, one of the options besides contraband was "paroled".

So...apparently...I was sending the CD to a prison and the CD is something that's not allowed (though I was unaware that they had a CD playing device there), possibly because I would have put a sharpened toothbrush or shiv into the package (I know...I know...why would I sharpen a toothbrush? That's what they have to resort to in prison. But I'm on the "outside" so I could have just sent a knife. But that's neither here nor there...that's not how my mind works).

So, now I have to figure out what to do with this "The Firm" (with Nas Escobar and Foxy Brown) CD since Prisoner 405538 can't accept it. Nice that he had a valid credit card to pay for it though.
Oh, I lied about the picture. I'm such a scamp!


Kevin said...

Didn't it seem odd that you were addressing it to be received at a prison?

Brent A. Nelson, Esq. said...

It wasn't addressed to the prison is the thing. It was to a PO box. I would publish the PO box, but since this guy might be out of jail, I don't want him coming at me and puttin a shiv in my back (he kept it from jail).