Friday, December 05, 2008

New Mug, courtesy of Sikes

So, apparently, Mr. Sikes has tons of time on his hands and he's been sending me different ideas for Christmas presents for people. There was the "Beard Cap" as you can see to the right, from the Scandinavian Grace store.

As you can imagine, a treasure like this is not cheap, but this one is $135.00. I have to assume that's in Scandi's (which are the Scandinavian equivalent of Schrute Bucks). Anyway, unless that thing is made of Lion's heart and flaked with gold, I ain't buying it.

But the one that he sent that really caught my eye is the the coffee cup with Brass Knuckles as the handle, that you can see on the left. I mean, who wouldn't want this?

But I believe it can be improved upon, or at least have a full collection that people can buy and use to creep out houseguests (assuming they ever have houseguests; I do not).

So, let's explore the studio space with this a bit and think of what else we can use on mugs. Here are three ideas:

A) Put a loaded gun as the handle, so people know you mean business
2) Put some nun chucks as the handle, because ninjas are fascinating and a conversation starter
D) Have them drink out of a cannon

I'm quite positive all of my ideas will sell as well as that $98.00 Brass Knuckle mug. Now, if we can only find operating room outside of the Dickie division of FFS, I'll be set...

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