Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Prepare to be SHOCKED!!

OK, so I was going through the TV guide (not TV Guide...the guide, through TiVo on my TV...don't get it twisted), trying to see if there were any shows on that I wanted to record.

So, I'm looking at 8 pm on Tuesday and I see The Mentalist is on (already recording it) and then I see that According to Jim is on at 8 pm too.

I thought that was weird. Why are they showing old re-runs of According to Jim in primetime. So, I clicked on it for more information. And it's a NEW EPISODE!!

This blows my mind!!! Did anyone know this? They're making NEW episodes of According to Jim? I thought that show went off the air three years ago. Did they pull a Family Guy and resurrect it? Does anyone watch it? This is astounding to me.

So, I had to take the time to look up the Nielsen Ratings for According to Jim, since I don't believe anyone watches it. Now, this is a difficult task. I'll have to believe Wikipedia when they say last season, it was the #143 ranked show. Which seems about right, since CAVEMEN was the #107 ranked show for that time.

CAVEMEN!! You're worse than Cavemen and still on TV. I hate you TV execs...

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