Wednesday, December 17, 2008


we traded in the Grand Prix and got a Murano. Not the point of the story. The salesman was looking at my car, trying to put the info down on the trade-in sheet and asks the following:

Salesman: The Grand Prix is green, right?
Brent: Yes
Salesman: I thought so. I couldn't really tell though. I was rubbing all the dirt and grime and...
Brent: Yeah, I'm a little behind on washing it
Salesman: and salt, and sludge, and mung...
Brent: Wow
Salesman: and bits of panther, and crap, and blech...
Brent: You done yet?
Salesman: and burnt hair and hurl off of it. I just wanted to make sure that that dirty pile out there actually is green.
Brent: Yep. Forest green, I believe.
Salesman: Excellent!

And so on. Regardless, we got an awesome deal on the trade-in. We got $1,455 over the True Market Value for a trade-in. We almost got what's listed as the dealer retail. Zowie!

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