Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving Prank: The Execution...

This is Part 4 of an ongoing series about The Moving Prank:

The Execution

Now, when we got there, there pretty much was only furniture to move. So, I left the box in my trunk and decided to wait for the opportunity.

That opportunity came rather quickly. While the prankee was dismantling a bed, I ran to the car, got the box and tossed it in the U-Haul...pretty much threw it like a football, so I wouldn't get caught.

So, the first phase of the plan was complete. However, we needed to get it out of the truck when we got there and into the house undetected.

Which, again, proved to be pretty easy. When we got there, I got the prankee to help me carry a piece of furniture that was going around the house to the basement. While carrying it, I told my cohorts to grab the box and get it in the house.

And they grabbed it and put it in the bedroom. Prank complete.

Hold on to your shorts, because we'll have the "exciting" conclusion tomorrow...

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