Thursday, May 07, 2009

Swine Flu Kit?

So, I was looking on the internet (they're putting it on computers now!!) and I see this mass-hysteria induced Swine Flu (I mean H1N1 Flu...sorry Pork Industry) Kit (just yesterday...not weeks ago when people were freaking out):

Let me count the things wrong with this picture:

A) Regularly $59.95? How can they even have a regular price on this? Didn't they just invent this thing about 2 days ago? And now they're having a sale on it? What the b?
2) Couldn't you just go to Home Depot and get this exact same thing for way cheaper? Sure, it wouldn't be called the "Swine Flu Kit" and play into hypochondriacs hysteria, but you'd still have everything you "needed" that's in this kit.
D) Can I sub out products? I mean...I already have plenty of disposable rubber gloves and safety goggles...but perhaps I've said too much.

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