Friday, May 22, 2009

Moving Prank: The Resolution...

This is Part 5 of an ongoing series about The Moving Prank:

The Resolution

Alas, all the build up has been for naught. As I type this, I'm crying like a baby in a forest fire (or Brent in a forest fire for that matter) because we have not gotten any results yet!

It's been almost two weeks and the box has yet to be found. If we are to believe the hider, the box is just sitting in the master bedroom closet, waiting to be discovered. Perhaps it got pushed under something.

Or perhaps the real reason it hasn't been found is because...these people are taking forever to unpack!

They're too busy riding around on their brand new zero turn lawnmower to put away some boxes and finish off the joke.

Dang it.

I'll have a part 2 of this if it's ever discovered.

Overall, I give this prank a 2.

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