Tuesday, September 22, 2009

George Wendt!

So, last Friday, George Wendt was doing a live chat on Cincinnati.com and Sikes and I tried to get our questions answered.

Well...one of us did, as you can see in the picture:

I thought my question was pretty good, but apparently the moderator didn't:

When you were on Cheers, did you think they should have thought about changing the setting? What about a rec room? Or a community center? Because people do meet in places besides a bar...

I mean...it's true. Quit ducking the facts Wendt!


Bill Spikes said...

i think this is my third or fourth appearance on TTVAOTW (new blog acronym - it's catchy!) - and all this is definitely going on my resume.

I consider supplying you with mediocre content that reaches "ones" of people a lifelong pursuit

Brent A. Nelson, Esq. said...

That is catchy!

And my millions and millions of reader definitely appreciate your contribution(s)!