Friday, September 25, 2009

PetsMart conversation...

Interesting day at PetsMart yesterday. First, walking in, some psycho lady in a car was hounding some lady trying to walk her dog away from the store with tons of questions about the dog (what's his name? what kind is it? what kind of food does he like? I like that kind too.) which made everyone in the area (me) uncomfortable.

So, I went inside and went to the cat food section to get food (again) to feed our enormous (and other, regular sized) cat.

I brought it up to the register and some lispy chick is working the register. Our "awkward checkout conversation" went like this:

PetsMart Lady:, who are you shopping for today?
Brent: stares in silence, not knowing what that question meant
PetsMart Lady: I meant how many cats do you have.
Brent: How in the world would I get "how many cats do I have" from "who are you shopping for today"? It would be like me asking you if you like apples and then expecting you to give me fifteen dollars. Why didn't you just ask how many cats I had if you were interested? Or, if you were trying to make small-talk, why didn't you just stare at the register instead, like I was doing? Why don't you make sense? This is whack! Whackness!
PetsMart Lady: I have three cats.
Brent: Seems right...

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