Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More "stuffed" crust?

So, as people know, I love stuffed crust pizza. And now, Pizza Hut has come out with their new pan stuffed crust. Notice anything wrong with it?

That's right...you can SEE the cheese that's "stuffed" in the "crust"! This is the definition of not stuffed crust. Isn't this just extra cheese? I think it's weird that they don't mention that the pizza in the picture also has:

pepperoni stuffed crust and
sauce stuffed crust

Since, apparently, anything they put on top of the pizza is now considered stuffed. Pizza Hut...you are not fooling me. You regular stuffed crust is bleh and this...this is not even stuffed crust. I hate you Pizza Hut. You are the worst. You are worse than the Gosselin's. Terrible.

Come back Little Caesar's Stuffed Crust!!!


Will said...

they should stuff other types of food into the crust - like indian food stuffed crust pizza, or ice cream stuffed crust pizza. where's the creativity these days that brought us things like McGriddles?

Brent A. Nelson, Esq. said...

I know you would gobble up some couscous stuffed crust...