Friday, November 13, 2009

Make my day?

So, I was walking out of The Gym yesterday when I had the following conversation with the front desk guy:

FDG: Hey, hold on a second.
Me: Yeah.
FDG: I got something that's going to make your day.
Me: Sweet.
FDG: hands me a coupon for EDGE shave gel
FDG: Free shave gel! You can take that to Walgreens, or anywhere and all you need is 24 cents for the tax.
Me: stupefied
Me: Oh, okay. Thanks?
FDG: Here, take a couple. Free shave gel!

Now, I must just emit a cheap vibe or something. And this is all well and dandy (and I do love Walgreen's) but really...make my day? Is that going to make anyone's day? And how sad does your life have to be that that is the highlight of the day? was the highlight of my day, but I think I'm a special case...


YBLJ22 said...

Nice. Your life is non-stop adrenaline pumping action. Between buying $12.99 Christmas trees and getting free Edge shaving gel, when do you find time to relax? My heart couldn't take the excitement.

ban said...

I know! Jealous much?

Anonymous said...

I think "special" is the correct word for you, followed by "needs"

james again

ps. who comes up with the word verification words you have to type to leave comments?