Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday Nights...

It really upsets Alison that NCIS is the #1 show on TV. I don't think it should be #1 (I mean, come on, it's not better than Numb3rs), but I just realized why it's #1...

There is nothing worth watching on Tuesday nights! I just went to check my TiVo to make sure all my shows will record tonight and all it was recording was NCIS at 7 and NCIS:Los Angeles (which I'm 5 episodes behind on and is very much in danger of being unfriended from my Season Pass Manager) at 8. Why in the world am I recording up to 4 shows at one time on some nights and then Tuesday, I'm recording 2 shows total.

What else is on, you ask:

7:00 ABC - V - Great. Like I want to watch a show about a bunch of hippie vampires waiting for the end of the world (I actually have no idea what this is about, but the limited commercials I saw looked lame, at best)

7:00 FOX - So You Think You Can Dance - Great. Like I want to watch this American Idol rip-off with a bunch of losers prancing around like Garth Brooks on acid. No thanks.

7:30 NBC - The Biggest Loser - Great. Like I want to watch a bunch of overweight slugs decide they can only lose weight with a couple of obnoxious trainers yelling at them while they're on TV. Sure.

8:00 - ABC - Dancing with the Stars - Great. Like I want to watch a bunch of washed up, never-gonna-be's try to master the triple lux while a bunch of overweight slugs cheer them on from the audience. And stars? Stars? Maybe someone needs to punch me in the face so I can see some during this monstrosity.

Seriously...why are these shows on? I mean, I'll watch my fair share of crud (Jersey Shore - coming December 3...mark it!) but I have to draw a line somewhere. And I'm pretty sure that line involves Aaron Carter doing to cha-cha while some flamboyant guy raves about his pirouettes.

But I guess that's just me.

Back to my point...pretty sure any non-terrible show could be #1 on Tuesday at have a captive audience.


YBLJ22 said...

When does your gig with TV Guide start?

ban said...

First, do they still make TV Guide? Really? And second...don't I wish?!