Friday, February 13, 2009

More like Stupid Bullet...

So, I was making Alison's lunch yesterday and she has one of those shakes from USANA in it. So, I blended it up in the Magic Bullet, put the lid on it, put it in the lunch box and went back downstairs.

An hour or so later I get an e-mail that the "lid" I used actually had holes in it and it spilled all over the lunchbox.

So, I went to the Magic Bullet website and found this picture of what I used as the lid:

As you can see from the zoom in there, half of the "lid" has holes in it. Now, I know what you're thinking, "What the frack would you use that for Brent?" Well, I did you one step better and worked on finding out what in the world this half-holed-lid-like-device is used for:

Listen up "product". In no way no I want to grate spices into my stupid shake. If I wanted spices in there...I would have fricken blended them in with everything else I was blending. Why oh why do you have these in there? Can't you at least make them a different color? Like red, so you know: "STOP! Do not use...ever...these are worthless." Or something like that.

I'm sending you a dry cleaning bill for that lunch box. That's right Magic've been served! You damn well better not dance back...or it's on!

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