Friday, April 24, 2009

I can't read...or are I?

So, I'm playing PathWords (PathWords is the new WordTwist...check it out) and I see one of the famous Facebook ads on the side and I think it's about Pirates so, I look at it closer:

Nope, turns out it's not about Pirates at all...turns out it's about another ad that a company is paying for where they have a misspelled word in the ad. Come on...PIALTES? Really?

Regardless, I'm thinking of going there...

Man 1: So where can we shoot this picture?
Assistant: [holding a map of the US] We need a city that has a nuclear reactor, and a gorge, and can guarantee us the full cooperation of city officials.
Woman: I'll check "Variety". [flips past "Film New York", "Film Texas", and "Film Utah" ads]
Assistant: Wow! Look at that ad! [a small box with "Flim Springfield" in it] All right, this place must be hot. They don't need a big ad, or even correct spelling.
Man 1: I agree with that logic.
Assistant: [into intercom] Get me two plane tickets to the state that Springfield is in.

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