Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm reading On Wings of Eagles by Ken Follett (I know...I know...next thing you know, I'll be watching Mr. Belvedere and listening to Wham!) and I'd never heard anything about it, but it's an autobiographical account of some guys arrested in Iran.

Anyway...not the point. The point is that the main "character" is ROSS PEROT!! Yes...THAT Ross Perot! Mister CanIFinish!

Now, obviously, I don't have a clue. When Perot ran for office, I thought he was just some crazy Texan with oil money. Turns out he was a FAMOUS crazy Texan with computer money.

I can barely even read the book once I saw he was in it. All I can think of is stuff like this every time I hear his name:

Thanks Dana Carvey

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