Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Alison and I went to the movies on Sunday and saw Adventureland (I give it a "fleh" on a scale of "pleh" to "awesome"), which, apparently, is nearing it's run.

We were the only two in the theatre, which has only happened to me once before (when my mom and I went and saw Deuces Wild...what? You mean you've never heard of it? That's okay...neither had the ticket taker at the movie theatre...needless to say, that one got a "pleh").

But now, they have the ticket taker (aka 14 year old...or Benjamin Salisbury) come in and welcome you to the theatre and let you know to tell them if you have any questions or concerns.

And it was strange, because he was just talking to us. Normally, you can look around and not pay attention (you you do on an airplane to a flight attendant) but here, there was no one else he was talking to.

And what do you do when he's done? Clap? Wave? Say thanks? Stare some more? It's a really weird experience and we chose to say thanks.

Which I'm sure made his day.

However, I wondered what they do if no one is in the theatre. Do they still do their little Lobster Talk? It's like the whole tree falling in the woods thing. I assume they still do it or get the wrath of the manager...but what do I know?

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