Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Usual...

So, last week, I got my usual summer dooskie (that's right Kell...Brent steals sayings...), which is a buzz cut, because everyone knows I'm too cheap to go see Steph more than once a year, and I can do this myself. It is what it is.

Well, yesterday, I was in Alison's classroom and one of her students came up to me and imparted this wisdom on me:

"Brent, your haircut looks bad."

Thanks dude. Thanks. Don't get into an insult battle unless you're ready to cry. Next time...I'm bringing fire!

1 comment:

Bill Spijkes said...

Sounds like there were grounds for a Billy Madison-ish comeback.

More importantly, a 3 AM blog post? That's gotta be a new record for TTVAOTW (new acronym for your blog). I guess that moves your bedtime today up to 5:30 PM...