Monday, June 08, 2009

Octomom? Octumom?

Apparently, they've started calling the Octo-mom the Octu-mom. It just appeared one day. Now, I keep pretty on top of my "celebrity" news and I'd never heard this. So, I had to make sure if Alison had heard about it:

Brent: When in the world did it become the Octu-mom as opposed to the Octo-mom? Did I miss that memo? Shouldn't that have been publicised somewhere?
Alison: I was not aware of that change either!
Brent: And we watch a lot of TV! I'm sad this snuck by us...unless they just changed it today. I wonder if I can figure out when they changed it...
Alison: You would have thought you'd be the first to know!
Brent: Apparently, Best Week Ever and the Soup have failed me. Paul F. Thompkins and Joel McHale...a plague on both your houses...

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