Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Now, as we all know, stuffed crust pizza is the best kind of crust on pizza. I don't think we have to debate that.

What we need to debate is why is it so freaking hard to get a stuffed crust pizza anymore? If you want one, you either have to go to Pizza Hut (gross) or buy a Digiorninsdfkanknsdkno's (or however you spell it) pizza for $8.99.

Why did Little Caesar's stop making the stuffed crust? They had the best stuffed crust back when Alanis Morisette first came onto the "scene" (and yes, I'm talking about the "scene" at BYU).

Why doesn't Papa Murph's (yeah...I cut off the y on Murphy, saving time, what, wanna fight about it?) make a stuffed crust? Or anywhere else?


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Chris said...

Agreed. I definitely miss when Little Caesars made stuffed crust. Pizza Hut... eh... it's either tolerable, or disgusting.

If you are every in the Pacific Northwest, you must try Alfy's stuffed crust.