Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nice placement...

So, every time I drive home from the Gym, I pass a box that has Star Tribune's for sale in it. (you can see it from two different angles as I drove past it...the one on the right is heading towards it and the one on the left is looking back at it from a stop sign).

I've always thought it was the weirdest place for a newspaper box, seeing as it's attached to a speed limit sign in the middle of a warehouse district, with absolutely ZERO foot traffic around it. Who's going to stop while going 35 to pick up a newspaper. Or so I thought...

Then, yesterday, I was coming home and there was actually a Subaru (that should have been my first sign that the person was an idiot) parked next to it and a s/him (sex was unknown) was reaching in and pulling out a newspaper.

Which means, maybe that's why all the newspapers are going out of business. Perhaps they're only putting their papers where people might actually want to buy a newspaper, instead of putting them in the middle of nowhere where the odds of someone actually buying a paper are zero.

Looks like Pluto (sorry other planets, newpapers only deliver to other non-planets) is going to be getting a newspaper box in the very near future!

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