Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oversized, Novelty stamp?

So, I got one of those packages of "Forever" stamps that have 20 stamps on them and then one large "receipt" style stamp that tells you what you purchased (which you can see to the right).

So, I wanted to run an experiment and see if you could actually use this big, fake stamp as an actual stamp. I mean, it comes off the paper, just like a regular stamp and it says forever on it, and it says First Class.

What's that you say? It's obviously not a stamp? Well, what is obvious to you, might not be obvious to someone else. Maybe.

So, I decided to send the letter to the left here to Petredis to see if it would make it to him. I included a letter, explaining what was going on, but I didn't expect it to get to him.

Then, after a couple days of waiting, I got an IM from Petredis that went like this:

Justin: so i get home yesterday late, and Jacq is there in the kitchen
Brent: go on...
Justin: and she says, "your friend Brent is an idiot"
Justin: and I say, well yes, but how do you know
Justin: "do you see this, (shows me your envelope) this is not a stamp"

Unbelievable! That oversized, novelty stamp actually goes through as a stamp! Now, I start to wonder if they'll take anything you put up in the corner. Could you draw a smiley face and put "Forever" next to it? Sounds like it might be time for more experimenting...


YBLJ22 said...

Outstanding! 21 stamps for the price of 20. Thriftiness abounds.

Idiot?? Genius!

Will said...

i say, why black out petredis's address? I wanted to google earth his house in hopes of seeing him laying out in his speedo drinking a mai tai.

In other fun mail tricks - put the address that you want the letter to ultimately end up at in the return address area and then some bogus address in the TO: spot. Then "forget" to apply postage. The USPS will mark return to sender and viola, your recipient gets the letter. Take that post office!

Toast said...

Wow, this is pure genius. So why are there no more ads on your site. Is this your way of sticking it to the man?