Monday, July 13, 2009

Zebra Cakes?

So, we're sitting around the campfire and the story goes:

Sarvo: Man, one time, on my way back from Kroger, I crushed, absolutely crushed, a case of Zebra cakes. On the ride.
Sikes: Sarvo, do you ever get confused when Zebra cakes come out with their Christmas colors and the Zebra cakes are a different color?
Sarvo: Lots of things in this world confuse me, but one thing that doesn't is Hostess products. I guess snack products in general are pretty easy to understand. I mean, it's not like I got a brain cramp when I realized peanut M&M's weren't the same thing as original M&M's. What do you think of me?

It's true though...snacking food isn't groundbreaking technology...


Bill Spijkes said...

that sarvo is a card. and by card I mean a bald son-of-a-bitch. we didn't talk the entire ride home after that verbal whipping he delivered the night before/

Joe said...

Haha..I'm on the blog now, and your got what you deserved Sikes. Point one- Bald son-of-a-bitch