Thursday, July 02, 2009


So, our neighbor has some old 70's convertible (I have no idea what kind it is, because I know nothing about cars, but I assume it's from the 70's because it's avocado-green and that seemed to be pretty popular at that time, if I do recall...or maybe the 60's...whatever, it's sure not new, I know that) that he LOVES.

LOVES! Every weekend, he sits out there an polishes it. LOVES! For hours.

On Saturday, Alison and I got home about 11:30. He was out there...buffing away. I ignored him.
Then, about 1:30, I went to get the mail. He was still out there, buffing some more. I ignored him.

Then, we left to go to the movies about 3:45...still out there. Doing the same thing. I don't know how he knows when he's done.

We got back after dark, so I can't say for sure if he was still out there or not. I assume yes...

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