Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Real milk...

So, I'm on a plane, flying back, when they bring the "delicious" beverage cart around (and...by the by, while Delta has brought peanuts back (take THAT allergies), they've stooped to not giving you the can when you get pop...give a little, get a little, I guess), I have this weird snob next to me who thought he was Dane Cook (though...with the "joke" you're about to hear, it might have been Dane Cook) and evolved into the following conversation:

Air Waitress: And can I get you something to drink?
Dane Cook: I'll have a black coffee.
Air Waitress: OK.
Dane Cook: Wait...I'll have milk with that.
Air Waitress: OK.
Dane Cook: Wait. Is it real milk?
Air Waitress: Yes.
Dane Cook: OK, good. Because (laughing while talking) powdered milk just won't do!
Air Waitress (very tight fake smile): OK.

Listen up b-hole, no one wants to be on the plane, and no one wants to hear your commentary on what you think is good or not, and no one wants to see you picking that scab on the side of your nose (I forgot to mention, Dane Cook looks nasty). So...stop.

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Joe said...

you don't see the obvious genius humor in his joke? I mean come on....powdered milk? That's a goldmine.....GOLDMINE!!!!!!!