Friday, May 16, 2008

They gotta WANT it!!

OK, so yesterday was trash day. Which means I have to clean out the litter box and take it out to the trashcan. I also have to clean out the cross-cut shredder and take that out to the trashcan.

What I've started doing is emptying the shredded bills/receipts/etc into an old Target sack. Then, I empty the contents of the litter box (poo/pee/Vonit/etc.) on top of the shredded paper in the same bag.

I figure it would be difficult to go through cross-cut shredded paper and piece them back together to try to steal my identity.

But I figure you have to really, really want to steal my identity if you're going to piece together shredded receipts that have been stewing in kitty urine. I mean, that would suck.

This week I spit in the bag too, just to add insult to injury. My little way of sticking it to the identity thieves who steal out of trashcans!

sidenote: this is in no way ripping on identity thieves who steal your identity online...please don't do that to me...

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