Friday, October 17, 2008

ESPN can't add...

So, I'm checking my fantasy football team for the week, and seeing who my "competition" is (if you can even call the Vance's team competition).

Here's the projected scores:

As you probably can't see (though it should enlarge if you click on it) my team is on the right and Vance's team is on the left. You can see the little checkmarks, showing who is going to win each match-up and a checkmark on the bottom, showing which team is going to win. They have Vance's team checked as the winner.

As you can also see, I added up the projected points and those have me winning 122-105. So which is it ESPN? Don't hide from me. I'm onto your little game.

*sidenote* I think my team will lose. I'm terrible.

*EDIT* And now Fake LJ has gotten himself suspended. What a d-bag.

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