Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So, I'm reading...

this story on CNN.com, called Biggest danger for hunters? Heart attack, not stray bullet. Yeah. So, anyway, I get into the article a bit and out comes this quote...

The biggest danger that some hunters face isn't getting hit by a stray bullet or falling out of a tree stand, Good said. It's heart disease.

I bolded that part, because isn't that a little vague? I mean, the whole point of the article is that hunters are in danger of heart attacks. At least you'd think so. Apparently, just some. Couldn't the same thing be said about getting hit by cars? Or abducted from a mall? This is ridiculous.

Tomorrow...on CNN.com...the biggest danger for some hunters? HOT AIR BALLONS!!

*NOTE: Yes, I had to photoshop that hot air balloon in. Yes, it took me way too long. Yes, you should judge me.

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