Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm a sleuth...

OK, now this is going to be difficult, since no one watches either of these shows, but this is pretty amazing.

Last season, the show Back to You was getting terrible ratings. So, 5 episodes in, they recast the part of Gracie Carr to try to save the show. However, that didn't work and it was cancelled.

This season, Gary Unmarried has started off to lukewarm reviews. After the pilot, Gary's daughter, Louise Brooks, was replaced by another actress for the rest of the episodes coming out this season.

What do these have in common? Take a look to the right.

Both Gracie Carr and Louise Brooks were initially played by Laura Marano. And both of the characters were axed early on in the shows.

What has this kid done to deserve this? Was she the reason no one watches these shows? Has she been channeling her inner-Lohan on the set and they couldn't wait to get rid of her?

There has to be some explanation here. The viewing public (of which I'm probably the only one who watched/watches both these shows) have a right to know!!

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