Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lowe's self-checkout

So, I'm at Lowe's (I know...I know...but I seriously was. You can ask AMEX), buying some manly things (like flat-top stove cleaner) and I went through the self-checkout.

Well, I'd swiped my card and then the machine says, "Please verify last 4 digits of your credit card."

I'd already put my card away. What is the point of this? To prove you can read? Is this some sort of theft deterrent?

I mean, is someone with a stolen credit card going to see that question and start looking around, all paranoid? They'll start sweating and then have a breakdown right there in the store? Then admit to numerous petty thefts, including stealing trail mix at Cub?

If you've got a stolen credit card and you freak out at this question, you might want to look into a new line of work. Thievery is not going to suit you...

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