Friday, March 14, 2008

Castle Times?

So, I'm sitting down to eat my delicious post-workout bowl of Golden Corn Nuggets (which might, or might not (but probably is) be the grossest name for a cereal ever) when I take a peak at the back of the box.

On the back of the box, as you can see, they have a word puzzle for kids to enjoy, so they can learn as they savor the nuggets of golden corn (which, as the front of the box points out, are not as large as they appear on the front of the box...those are enlarged to show detail).

So, I start to read about the Castle Word Puzzle. And, if you don't want to zoom in on the back of the box provided, here is how it starts:

Life in castle times was exciting and so different from the way you live today. Learn some cool facts while...

Castle times? CASTLE TIMES!!?! What in the hell are castle times? Why are they trying to make kids morons? Are they going to have a time-line with all the periods there have been:

Cave Times
Stick and Mud Hut Times
Pyramid Times
Castle Times
Cottage Times
Ship Times (you know...Pilgrims)
American Cottage Times
House Times
Hamburger University
Bigger House Times
Spaceship Times

There...I think I have them all. Come on Golden Corn Nuggets..learn me....

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