Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Urban Outfitters...

So, Alison was scanning through the Urban Outfitters catalog (only Emilio Estevez would know why) and came across the following shirt and asked me if I liked it:

Of course, my answer was "Butt no." But then I got to actually looking a little more closely. You may only see a craptacular t-shirt that you can't actually wear out in public, lest you become the butt of jokes for teens and adults alike, but you need to look closer. Go ahead...closer.

OK, I'll point it out for you:

That's right, this POS shirt that you can't wear anywhere besides under some other shirt is going for $32.00! And that's before shipping...and taxes...

And they probably wouldn't have it in there if no one was buying it, so someone in this world is so dumb, so dumb, that they think:

a) This is a cool shirt

2) They should buy it

d) It's worth over $32

Who are these people? And where do they get correct change?

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TBlazers666 said...


Have you been to this site. They have got some great tees.