Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tyra and ANTM get MORE annoying...

OK, now I admit, I've watched all 10 cycles of this show (and I still hate that they call them cycles instead of seasons). It's not even that good...but I always watch it. I can't stand Tyra Banks. She seems like the biggest biznotch in the world, not named Fran Drescher.

But this "cycle" they've managed to take the annoyingness to Anthropologie-esque heights! Now "Tyra Mail" has always been crap. I used to fast forward through it, but that seemed like a lot of work for my fingies. So, I decided to deal with it.

It always involved a note and some chick reading it. But not anymore!

Now, they have this stupid scrolling marquee that lets all the chicks on the show read what the challenge is, slowly and annoyingly...just like Tyra!!

I can't wait until someone in her production company does the following as a joke on her:

TYRA MAIL: Tyra Banks is a soul stealing ego-maniac who doesn't care about anything but herself and her pies...

After that, she'll probably reveal herself for what she really is and eat the production assistant... ME WANT FOOD!

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