Thursday, June 12, 2008

Idiotic Commish...

So, I know this "guy" who is in this "fantasy baseball league" (it's really not me) and the commish of the league set it up with a really poor rule (only 700 innings allowed for your pitchers; traditional leagues all 1,200).

So, this "guy" I know watched all the other players run up huge inning totals, as they were oblivious to the rule. He watched his innings, since he knew of the rule.

Well, finally, this "guy" decided to let the others in on the rule and then try to trade for some of their worthless pitchers on the cheap (a good strategy). However, this caused a fervor in the league.

Now, since only 1 guy noticed the rule, the commish wants to change the inning limit to 1,500. The "guy" has argued and argued. Then, the commish sends out this final e-mail:
The max innings thing is on the same line as an ad for a tv show on tbs. It's clear that it wasn't obvious, otherwise someone would have caught onto it earlier than they did. This was not a rule that I put in there, and no one agreed to it. If yahoo had some rule where if you have a player hit exactly 41 homeruns, his homerun total goes back to zero, I think the response should be to let everyone know and decide what to do about it, not to keep quite and try to take advantage of the situation. You might think that this is a ridiculous example, but not much more ridiculous than a 700 innings cap for an entire season.

OK tool-hole, here's MY responses to that:

1) It's in the rules.
2) If we're changing rules now, can we also add retired players and their stats from other seasons? I call 1941 Ted Williams!!
3) I use the traditional spelling of "quiet" while you use the untraditional spelling of "quite". However, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
4) Listen up crotch, just because you and your cronies can't read the rules, it doesn't mean you can change them when it suits your needs.
5) Obviously you picked the rules. Just because you're easily distracted by an ad for the Bill Engvall Show, it doesn't mean it's not a rule anymore. Tool.
6) You 41 homer example is retarded. But say it is in the rules...THEN IT'S THE RULE!
7) Picture this, bases are loaded, two men out. Melky Cabrera comes up and hits a fly ball that lands on the warning track. The run scores and everyone starts heading in. In his excitement, Bobby Abreu, the runner on first, doesn't go to touch second, instead decides to go man-hug Melky. Nick Punto notices that, runs out to the warning track, grabs the ball, runs it back in and touches second. Abreu is out. Run does not score. But it's obvious the run should count right? No, BECAUSE THE RULE SAYS IT DOESN'T! Just because only one person noticed it and used it to their advantage, it doesn't make it not the rule. Do you think Joe Girardi is going to appeal to the commish because he didn't like the outcome? No, he'll suck it up because, I'm sorry I sound like a broken record but, IT'S THE RULE.

OK loser.'re an idiot.

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