Friday, June 20, 2008

You're all going to judge me now...

So, anyway, you know what I love to do that both

a) others wouldn't think of
b) or if they do think of it, it wouldn't be a something they plan out

Well, we get the Sunday paper and we leaf through the coupons, trying to find good "deals".

And, sometimes, I'll find a coupon where you get $1 off if you buy two deodorants at the sames time.

Then, I'll take that coupon to my local Target and go to their deodorant section.

In that section, I'll go to the part that I have the coupon for. Now is where my excitement comes in.

I'll check that section of the section to see if they have any two packs (because you need to buy two to use the coupon).

Normally, they will have two packs.

Then, on those two packs, I'll see if any of them are on clearance.

Most of the time, there are some on clearance. Oh fudge yes! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!

So, using that method I get triple the savings on normal priced deodorant!

1) I get $1 off
2) I'm "buying in bulk", so I get that discount
3) The "bulk" pack is on clearance, so there's that discount

Basically, when I leave the store after doing that, I feel like Jesse James and the police are going to come track me down because I basically robbed Target blind.

Now, if only the gas is costs me to go pull off this deal wasn't more than my savings. Hmmm...maybe they'll have coupons for gas next week...

Please don't think less of me...

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