Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Touch of Gray?

Have you seen this new Just for Men commercial for this product called "Touch of Gray"? Apparently, people got weirded out at Just for Men because one day you're Bob Barker and the next day you're Rick "The Model" Martell. So, they made a product that slowly morphs you into a younger version of no one will notice.

But that's neither here nor there. In this commercial, they flash to this old dude who had apparently used this product and he's out surfing with some other old chick (who I can only assume used Touch of Gray - Woman Style!) and they zoom in on him and here's what he says (I've taken their picture off the Touch of Gray website and added in what he says):

Never trust anyone over 90??!?!

What in the world is that supposed to mean? Is he 90? Does he hate old people? Does he think he's 16 now and is hocking No Fear T-Shirts?

I don't understand for one second what they're going for, except for the fact that these two aging hippies are creepin' me out. Nice peace sign folks!

Maybe in your next commercial you can turn on your TV and mention you shouldn't trust anyone without TiVo ('re hip and young with fading gray hair! You rule!)

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Scott said...

I got one of these ads and, honestly, it really weirded me out. Thus my post on it.