Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vote for change!!

This is as political as I get, but I just have to implore you vote for change this November!!

You all know what that to get rid of the 5 dollar bill and instead, use 5 dollar coins! Think of all the benefits we'll get when we vote for change:

1) Everything will be the same, except for one thing...$5 coins!
2) $5 coins promise not to weigh you down, but let's face it, they're made of metal
3) You can't possibly be happy sticking with $5 bills, so why the hell not?
4) $5 coins would vote for you!
5) $5 coins are way, way better than Susan B. Anthony $1 wait...$5 coins already won that battle...

Ahhhh...sarcasm at work...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But the new 5s have those cute purple "5"s on them. That's the most excitement our money has had since it had value. Seriously.