Thursday, June 19, 2008

An oldie but a goodie...

So, this is a story from years and years and years ago.

In between two games of a baseball tournament, my dad took a me and a friend to McDonald's for a nice little pick-me up between the games.

Our "waiter" (I guess I've never really thought about what to call the person that takes your fast food order. Is it a waiter? Order taker? Senor? I don't know. Not the point) was an oversized black guy. Oversized like Chris Farley oversized (I'll call him OCF for short). Enormo.

And here's how the order went (with my thoughts in parentheses)

OCF: Welcome to McDonald's. What do you want?
Brent: Um...
Brent: I'll take a 9 piece chicken McNuggets, a large fries and a large Mello Yello.
OCF: We don't got Mello Yello. We got orange.
Brent: (Hmmm...I wasn't aware that the next logical choice to Mello Yello was orange drink. Maybe you're assuming that I just want to drink a color. I don't know. I'm scared.)
Brent: Sure, I'll take that...

And that's how I ended up getting sick from orange drink. Never ordered it in the first place, will never get it again.

I realized this wasn't funny once I typed it, sorry. Seemed like too much effort to not publish it...

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