Thursday, July 03, 2008

Catfish chokes on soccer ball!

Newsanchor 1: And, in the lighter side of the news, a catfish choked to death on a soccer ball tonight!
Newsanchor 2: Hahahaha, yes, that's correct. A six and a half foot long catfish was found floating in a Berlin canal today, after apparently trying to swallow a soccer ball.
Newsanchor 1: Police spokesman Karl-Heinz Kuberlein said, "He tried to eat the ball and it got stuck. Whether the fish was caught up in soccer ball fever in the aftermath of the European championship and hence snapped at the ball can unfortunately not be determined."
Newsanchor 1: Hahaha...yes. It's true...who knows if he was a soccer fan. In related news, 8 people were killed in the riots that followed the game.
Newsanchor 2: pause
Newsanchor 2: Tragic, tragic news...
Newsanchor 1: About the people dying, or the fish dying?
Newsanchor 2: Yes.
Newsanchor 1: pause
Newsanchor 1: Next, a little story about a hamburger that can take a bite out of you!!!


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