Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, apparently our housing development has some sort of lightbulb law and if your lightbulb out front is burned out, they replace it...FOR 10 DOLLARS!

Now, these are not magic light bulbs. hese are just regular you buy at Target for $.65. So, they have a pretty sweet profit margin on them.

And it's nice, because it's easy to check if it's burned out, since they're on an automatic timer and you go to bed before they're actually mean I can't check them? But, then how do I know to go to Target and get the $.65 light bulb? mean, you just don't say anything, never have any proof the light bulb didn't work (or was even replaced for that matter) and then send me an invoice for $10? Good to know.

I think you might want to know that that invoice might be on your A/R aging for quite some time...

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